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Image of ✨Back in Stock✨The Specimen Collection #2

✨Back in Stock✨The Specimen Collection #2

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Note: this set will ship June 18th

We’re pleased to offer an alternative option to our popular “Specimen” Collection.

The ‘Specimen Collection #2’ includes 1 of each of the following species

  • Spanish Moon Moth (Graellsia Isabellae) 4.75" wide
  • Zaddachs Emperor Moth (Bunaeopsis zaddachi) 3.5" wide
  • Day Flying Sphinx Moth (Sphingidae) 2.75" wide
  • Mini Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) 4.5"
  • Madagascan Bullseye Silk Moth (Antherina suraka) 4"
  • Elephant Hawk Moth (Deilephila elpenor) 2.5"
  • Female Cecropia Moth (Hylaphora cecropia) 4.5" wide
  • Male Cecropia Moth (Hylaphora cecropia) 3.5" wide
  • Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia) 3.5" wide
  • Calleta Moth (Eupackardia calleta) 5" wide
  • Calleta Moth (Eupackardia calleta) 4" wide
  • Deathhead Hawk Moth (Acheronita atropos) 3.5" wide
  • Hercules Moth (Coscinocera hercules) 4.75" wide
  • Firey Moth (Rhodinia fugax) 4.5" wide
  • Typhon Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha typhon) 2.75" wide
  • Rare Moon Moth (Argema besanti) 4.5"
  • Leaf Insect (Phyllium giganteum) 3.25" x 4.5"
  • Medium Silk Moth (Bombyx mori) 2.5"
  • + BONUS Small Silk Moth (Bombyx mori) 2"
You will receive a total of 19 moths/butterflies
The pricing of "The Specimen Collection" means you receive the equivalent of 3 free moths, compared to the individual moth sets!

These paper moths are printed double-sided on heavy-weight cotton paper, and then expertly lasercut with a precise level of detail (you can see the individual little antennae, just like on a real moth!) They are based on real specimens, and accurately depict their size and coloration.

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