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Our mission at Moth & Myth is to create items inspired by the natural world. Our work will empower other makers to produce their own beautiful creations. Through sustainable and cruelty free products, we hope to build a world of unique objects which inspire and delight others.

In 2015, artist Redd Walitzki created an assortment of paper butterflies to use for a painting reference. It was impossible to find realistic artificial butterflies for this purpose, and real specimens would have been too fragile, or did not appear life-like enough. Other artists and crafters responded so strongly to these paper-moths and butterflies that Redd began to offer them for sale for others to use and enjoy as well. They have now been featured in a variety of media outlets, including Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

Since then, Moth and Myth has become renowned for producing cruelty-free and vegan designs showcasing the unique bounty of moths and butterflies. Now co-run by Redd Walitzki and Kari-Lise Alexander, the brand will continue to grow and offer a variety of beautiful items inspired by insects and other fascinating life-forms!

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